Hello my loves!

Elizabeth at the beachI’m a recent graduate from a dual degree program where I earned my MDiv from Duke Divinity School and my MSW from UNC-Chapel Hill just a little while ago, and despite the incredible amount of writing I had to got to do for those programs, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of opportunities to do the particular kind of writing that’s so good for the soul. I have been able to read and learn about all kinds of wonderful things, but I rarely get the opportunity to reflect on them fully and deeply (you know, with poetry and music and pictures and heart-to-hearts that outlast the cups of coffee you have them over) before it’s time to move on to the next thing. That’s where you come in.

This is our space to do that, to raise the questions of social justice and theology and life and love and all that fun stuff that fills up and sometimes overwhelms my heart and mind and to give you my two cents and hear yours from you. I hope that this will become an interactive space to chat about all these things, so please comment and share and feel free to offer ideas for topics or guest posts or whatever, just remember to do so respectfully and lovingly pretty please.

Ok then, let’s begin.


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